Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inner Horror, now available!

Just released my first novel, Inner Horror. just 99 cents on amazon!
A seventeen year old boy with a past of terrible nightmares begins to realize they are much more than nightmares and they are back to torment him once again. Haunted by hallucinations and voices within his own head, he fights sanity while fighting with his deepest fears for his life and the life of his girlfriend. He must face his inner horrors or be lost in his own mind forever.
Author's note:
The story line is fantastic, strong from start to finish. While it's part horror, part thriller, with a little romance between the protagonist and his girlfriend. It stays true to what i consider a bloody horror, pulls no punches and uses every gritty detail. pick it up, it's cheap, it's 45,000 words long. It's worth it!


Anonymous said...

LA Tafe-congrats on your new book, I will purchase soon. Thanks for the connect from goodreads, Jackie Paulson your very first FAN :)

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