Sunday, March 4, 2012

In Kentucky... Damn it.

So today I arrived back to bum fuck Kentucky. Land of the dip filled gravel parking lots, Wal-Mart hang outers, and no alcohol purchases within 15 miles(dry county.) Where teenage pregnancies are an epidemic and church is a cult.
If you don't notice I'm not happy about being back here, if only for two days. But I'll stop bitching so I can update everyone.
The new house is nearly done, just a bit of shit that will probably end up in the attic after they are gone over. I have finished a rough draft of the prologue for Baal's Puppet. A beautiful weave of dark natured chaos if I do say so myself.
As for Inner Horror being free, it no longer is and is still managing to sell a few copies here and there. In really excited to see if it continues and hoping for a couple reviews from people that don't know me from Adam.
For now I am focused on writing Baal's Puppet and reading C.V. Hunt's Legacy. Peace out everyone and thank you for all of your support.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Review of C.V. Hunt's "Endlessly"

This is one of the few books I liked from the very start, which is awesome due to the fact I had nearly no idea what it was about when I started it. The writing style made it easy to read, flowed nicely, and as a personal preference it wasn't written like an old literary with a stick up his or her ass. It read like how I talk and I liked that. The story is about a vampire, a real vampire that kills people and doesn't sparkle..., his memory of his life is a bit foggy, he is kind of a downer, and he likes music. He was my kind of character. He meets a girl and things pick up from there, with her being just as much of a badass as a vampire. It is a supernatural love story with enough action to keep me reading it from cover to cover in a day. The world that Hunt hints to throughout the story seems vast and complex with plenty of room to explore in the sequels. All in all this novel was great and I commend the author for a job well done. Looking forward to picking up the sequel.