Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back With A New Release!

So, here I am. At it again, blogging, tweeting, writing constantly. I've been away for a while now but not anymore and I have a new release. From now on it is all promoting fellow Indies, interviews, reviews, and anything else I think my readers may find interesting. So to repay everyone for my absence, the first five people to follow my twitter, and tweet @ me to get a free copy of my book from Smashwords. Not enticed? Read my brief description below and rush to twitter!
Baal's Puppet A Horror, Thriller that will not dissapoint. Recently released and praised by beta readers. A realistic look into the lives of nine people, their stories intertwining, leading them all to the same hotel where an unspeakable evil awaits them. 40,000 words, making for a fast moving page turner that keeps you engrossed until the final page. Tafe


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