Thursday, August 4, 2011

Indie and Proud: The Horror point of view

I write Horror, it's what I have always enjoyed watching, reading about, and listening too. You know all those creepy ass sounds that people play in haunted houses around Halloween, I enjoy those too. Of course I hated anything scary when i was younger, (having nightmares terrified me.) But my dad persisted to make me watch movies like "IT" "Dawn of the Dead" "The Silence of the Lambs" "Friday the 13" "Nightmare on Elm Street" "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Just to name a few, (pretty sure my prepubescent brain blocked out a lot of them.) Not to mention SyFy channel being on all day every day with "Tales from the Darkside" and a show I can't remember the name of that was basically mini horror stories. Now I watch all of that and laugh, somehow my nightmares don't scare me anymore cuz they will make for great novels!

I apologize, gotten off topic. . . my point is, the movies I grew up on were graphic and at times a little "sick." So I believe in writing the same way, no pulled punches, nothing left out, realistic as can be with all of the blood and graphic detail of how that blood spewed from someone's body. (Little graphic? good!)
Now how could I do that with a big name publisher? I would have to edit my shit till the last bloody massacre was no more than a paper cut. Over dramatic, yes. But still. Every Author has their own style of writing and their own story to tell in each and every one of their works. I don't need someone to tell me how to write MY story. And thats how I wrote, Inner Horror. May be a little rough around the edges at times but I told the story how I wanted to tell it.

Now there is plenty of reasons I am an Indie Author, problem with authority, problem with selling my rights to a publisher, (feels like selling my soul) But being able to write how I want to write is most important to me. I am sure plenty of fellow Authors feel the same way and are just as proud of their works as I am of mine, who needs someone telling us it is too graphic or inappropriate in one way or another.

I've said what I wanted to say, It's just my personal opinion :)
Stay Indie my friends and if your a reader, keep it Indie!


Jenn said...

Nice, blunt just the way I like my blogs!

L.A. Tafe said...

I appreciate it. I don't like beating about the bush, rather tear it out and get on with it.

Jenn said...

Bought your book, it's in my TBR should get to it before Sept is over!

L.A. Tafe said...

Thats great! Thanks so much! Hope you love it! Any questions or comments or just wanna talk, email me :)

Raymund Hensley said...

I dig what you mean about growing up with Horror. Except my viewing of Dawn of The Dead came after Spaceballs =)

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