Thursday, February 23, 2012

Moving Is Over. Unpacking Begins.

Moved into the city with the fastest Internet in the US. Spent all day with a clip boarded marking off numbers as the movers called them off to me... Yeah, I'm exhausted, worked harder than all the guys lifting heavy shit up the stairs or down stairs into the basement. Tommarow I unpack my room and get shit set up. Writing tommarow would be nice, hopefully a review of Endlessly will be posted. And on another note, Inner Horror doubled in units today. Free, yes. But it's cool to watch the number rise. It's free for another two days so if you haven't gotton your copy yet then follow the link below! Peace everyone. Tafe Please enjoy!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Still Free and Still Climbing!

Todays units hit 150 plus in the U.S. and 30 plus in the UK. All I want is some input and again, to share my demons with the world. Hope everyone who has downloaded it will enjoy it and everyone else will give it a shot. It's free for a few more days and I am having fun watching the numbers. It's all word of mouth with a little social media on my part so I appreciate people's shout outs like you wouldn't believe. Peace for tonight guys. Tafe

Inner Horror is FREE!

My novel Inner Horror is now available totally free until the 25th! Reviews would be great but all I really wanna do is share my torment with everyone. Hope you enjoy it. peace. Tafe

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Day of Today

Finally slept in for the first time since this moving/vacation mess began. Woke up to a waffle and some oh thanks to my girlfriend, finished reading "Disturb" by Konrath which I will review below, and will begin working on the Baal outline shortly just as long as I find my always misplaced keyboared. First, here's my short review. Starts out nicely, keeps good pace from beggining to end, and is exactly what I expected from a Konrath novel. I liked it, it enertained me all the way through and thats a lot more than I can say about alot of the books I read. Wasn't a big gore fest like some of his novels and didn't have the comic wit that they normally have, but if you read his comments at the end of the book, that is exactly what he was going with for this ebook only novel. I personally would like some N-SOM (The drug the book is based around.) for the vivid dreams and I would hope my readers shared my opinion and would enjoy some as well. If you like Konrath, pick this one up. If you have never read Konrath and would like an easy introduction, pick this one up. If your dreams haunt you like mine, pick this one up. Peace for now, Tafe

Why's All The Rum Gone?

Well I am no longer on a boat, unfortunately. It is nice to be back to people who speak English and not everything announced has to be said in five different languages. I had a good time And am happy to continue a semi vacation for a few more days in a hotel waiting for the new house to close so we can move in. I did manage to work on "Baal's Puppet" and it's coming along nicely. It will be gruesome, it will be unnerving, and the characters are all bad ass in their own right. A kind of funny note, my most popular post in the last few weeks was one I vaguely remember posting, "Mexico Can Afford Internet?" I'm glad you all liked it and thank you to everyone, hit 1,000 hits while I was gone. Cheers mates, peace for now. Tafe

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mexico can afford Internet?

Apparently señor frogs has wifi so I will make a short post. Drinking Sol, eating a burger, iPad on the boat, my girl in my lap. Life is good. See you all stateside.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cigars, Beer, where's my iPad?

Rockin' a fedora and sublime shirt in Key West for a few hours eating conch at margerittaville. Cigars are everywhere and finding tequila tomorrow in Mexico. Me and my girl are having a great time without phones, and my brother in law is keeping us laughing. So I tip my bottle, munch my nachos, and will talk to everyone back in florida, provided our boat doesn't crash haha. Peace out.


P.S. Song for the weekend, Sorry for Party Rocking!

Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm On A Boat, Man... Almost.

I leave in the morning for a week so my posting will go on pause. For some reason cruise ships have not caught up to motel six with their free wifi. But there is plenty of other shit to do so I can't complain too much. Done alot of fishing in the last two days, smoked plenty of cigars, and gotton a little writing done. I am really happy with my newest work and it is coming together really easy. I will keep this short, post again in a week, peace.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Bought Every-"Thing"

The digital copy, ultraviolet copy, blu-ray, and DVD. All of it bundled up in a pretty $30 bundle. I was really enthusiastic to begin with, tearing it out of the ridiculous amount of packaging, putting it in the player, watching the title pop up in the opening scene. And throughout the whole movie I was kind of waiting for something. Something that would make it that awesome movie I'm glad I actually bought instead of renting. Unfortunately it never really came. I loved the monster creation, the first scene that the "Thing" reveals itself is pretty damn great, that the main weapon in the movie is a flamethrower, awesome, the FIRST ending was something that made me enjoy the movie a bit more. But then the movie started again and ended a minute later in a dumb fashion.
I wanted to like it so I do like it, but really it wasn't worth it. Rent it and enjoy it, if you differ from me and feel it was good enough to get the big bundle I got then more power to you.
As for updates, I have 3 chapters of outlining done and am leaving for Florida early in the morning with a little over 10 hours in car time. Writing will be inevitable and hopefully I have something to share by the time I post again. Peace out everyone,


Monday, February 6, 2012

The Days Drag...

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. Went to dinner around 5, watched some of the Super Bowl, watched plenty of big bang theory, and watched Shark Night. My girlfriend likes animal movies, for example her favorite movie to date is Pirahna. And I have to Admit I have developed a liking towards them. Shark Night was okay. Proved that some people just like sharks haha. I have begun writing Baal's puppet and it's coming along well. Anyone hoping to read it, be prepared for a lot of carnage, the story is strong, but so is the killing. Today will probably be more of the same so I have plenty of time to write, in hope of having a rough draft by the time I get back from vacation.
That's all for now guys, peace.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

What Day Is It?

Still on leg one in my opinion, spent an entire day (7am-5am) painting my girlfriends grandparents living room. How my brother in law and I kept our sanity painting panels and stripping wallpaper glue I do not know. Perhaps the fumes from everything had something to do with it. With that done he went to visit a friend while I stayed with my girl and watched bridesmaids, the dress fitting is by far my favorite scene haha. On the writing side, I finished my characters, ready for a quick outline, then the novel begins. Pretty excited. We leave for Florida on Wednesday and from there I don't know where I will find Internet or time to search for it. If I disappear for 2 weeks then imagine me sitting on the beach in some foreign land with a drink, writing my newest novel, "Baal's Puppet." Probably with my brother in law in my ear begging to go do something fun haha.
Peace for now everyone,


Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Leg.

Left the house yesterday after one trip to the dump, packing a mario kart (kia Soul) and a truck till they are about to bust, oh and one missing cat that was in the empty house the whole time. How he managed to hide himself when there is nothing to hide behind is beyond me. needless to say, his ass was bound to purgatory (his travelling cage) for the rest of the day.

Now in Tennessee for a little over a week, sadly without internet. So daily trips to starbucks will have to be made. What a shame...
I have noticed an awesome spike in hits since I started posting again. Thank you to everyone for reading my meaningless babble, hopefully I'll have something to preview from my work in progress by next week. peace out.