Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Interview with a cartoonist!

Her name is Alisa, and normally I try to stick to horror related stuff as much as I can but I know this girl personally and she's a kick ass cartoonist so I want to get her name out there. Follow her on Twitter!
Meet Alisseus, (the girl on the left. Pouty lip, scared shitless expression. I wish she would smile haha.) Alisseus is the star of Alissa's  newest work, where Alisseus goes on an adventure only Alissa could conjure up. But enough of me speaking for her, scroll down and get a glimpse into the mind of an amazing cartoonist!

Tafe -
Okay, let's start off with a little about you. Where did you grow up and what is a day in the life of Alissa?

Alissa -
I will be 16 in September. I've grown up mostly in Kentucky, unfortunately. I moved around a lot from Florida, California, and Kentucky until I was 3. I learned a lot in those other places. Like how to walk, and talk at the same time. My days sort of merge together because it's the same process repeated. I wake up, pee, get on the computer and draw for hours. Then if I get kicked off of the computer, I go to my room and draw some more. From time to time I have no inspiration and play video games, like Zelda, Super Smash Bros, pretty much anything Nintendo, and Monster Hunter Tri. Pretty exciting life, I know right?!

Tafe -
Haha, sounds like your living the dream.

So, how old were you when you began drawing cartoons and what were they like compared to what you do now?

Alissa -
I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I think it's safe to say I have improved a lot, but there's still a lot of room for more improvement. For the longest time all I drew was animals. Not even realistic ones. Like... Lion King style. No one will ever let me live that down hahaha.

Tafe -
Reality is overrated anyway.

Who or What ever inspired you too begin drawing cartoons?

Alissa - I actually didn't stop with the whole "animal phase" until I started with my graphic novel/comic (I honestly do not know the difference) and from then on out I got into cartoons. I've had inspiration from mostly Spongebob and Regular Show.

Tafe - I don't really know the difference either, if someone could comment below and straighten it out for both of us, that would be great haha.

How do you begin a comic? I normally will do an outline and sometimes just just jump write in with my novels. What is your creative process?

Alissa -
I sort of do it all at once and see where it takes me. I do a little bit of thinking through at first, and then I just take off. It is better to have the plot laid down firmly first, because that's part of the things I ended up redoing with my comic. That and improving the art, but it's whatever, bro.

Tafe - Tooootally get it, dude. haha :D

Can you explain Alisseus a little bit more for everyone?

Alisseus is a comic/graphic novel that I started my freshman year of highschool. At first I had no intention of publishing it, much less even making it into a comic. It began as just a bunch of ideas that sort of all came together. I eventually drew the first page of Alisseus and told my friends, "It's started." Then it developed into what it is now.
It's a world that is "a cheap rip off of Earth" and it's filled with monsters, and heroes, which are like superhumans in a way, that are to defend normal humans, I guess. Hahaha. But sometimes the monsters get out of hand, and when this happens, one must take it upon themself to awaken The Hero. The Hero is a very special being who was sent to Heroitron (awesome planet name, right?) to eradicate the monsters herself. But this time around, things are different, and much worse. It is a hilarious tale about The Hero and her companions, and their quest to save the world! Yeah cliche plot!

Tafe -
I think the originality of "Heroitron" completely makes up for any cliche haha.

Now being that I'm a writer with a dark streak, is there any chance your future comics may show a dark side of you?

Alissa -

Haha! Most definitely! I have actually been contemplating some ideas for a new comic which is much darker than Alisseus, but I don't think I want to reveal anything as of yet. So stay tuned!

Tafe - 
I'll  be waiting for that one!

Do you have plans for what you will work on after Alisseus?

Alissa - 
I will say that there's going to be a sequel to Alisseus that I have actually already started. I'm not sure where I'm going with the plot now so that's something I need to set down before I work on it further. I'll crack down on it a lot after I fully finish with Alisseus, so it'll be a while probably.

Tafe - 
That's awesome! Something to look forward too.

Now I have to ask, have you ever watched a horror movie that kept you up all night? if yes then what was it?

Alissa -

I have not haha. I'm not a fan of horror movies. I saw I am Legend in theatres (and keep in mind I was in like 6th grade at the time) and I still have nightmares about it even though it doesn't scare me anymore. Now you will probably understand why I don't watch horror movies hahaha.

Tafe -
I still have nightmares about "IT" so its no big deal. and if you don't know what move that is, it's basically the soul purpose for a lot of peoples clown fears haha.
What is your drawing space like?

Alissa -
A computer desk with pistachio shells all over the floor and just a cluttered mess of paper. And it's not my paper. But it is my pistachio mess.

Tafe -
Laughed my ass off when I read that! Enough said.

Besides drawing, do you have any other artistic abilities?

Alissa -
I don't think so. I can do portraits pretty well, but that goes under drawing I suppose. I am terrible at realism and painting, and avoid doing so at all costs.. Which is hard if you're taking Drawing&Painting 2 at school hahaha. I woud love to be good at digital painting because it just looks phenomenal.

Tafe -
And for a final question, do you live in a shit ass town and are soon moving to a kick ass one? if yes, then you suckkkkk. (Now for this question I totally threw it in because I knew you were moving soon and was joking. But the last line needs to be seen.)

Alissa - 
I do live in a crappy, boring town where there is nothing to do. And I am hopefully moving to San Diego soon. But there's been some complications with that, and I don't know what's going to happen. Basically, if I don't get out of this town, I will not be able to do the things I want to do for a career. So if you all could keep me in your thoughts and prayers that would be very kind of you!
Thanks so much for le interview!

Tafe -
You are very welcome!

Below is some of Alissa's works, if you want more go to Deviant Art or for more quirkiness go to her Tumblr. Who knows, maybe YOUR kids will be watching Alisseus on the spongebob time slot in a few years! :)

Thanks for reading everyone,


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Great interview! She sounds pretty mature for her age! I applaud u for taking time to help network her! As for graphic novel, another pc aka liberal way of saying comic book....;) my thoughts n prayers will be with you girl!

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