Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just a Blurb

So on my second day of actively blogging, tweeting, media-ing (< Word? Perhaps.) I want to let everyone know that I have decided to work on rewriting Inner Horror. To the point of changing the protagonist's name, putting a different type of narrative spin. Cleaning up the dialogue, grammatical errors, a new cover. After completing Baal's Puppet, having used beta readers, an editor, and proofreading the hell out of it myself. I think my debut novel needs/needed the same treatment and that's what I intend to do.
While working on that, I will also tentatively be working on a haunted house story. May end up being full length, possibly a novella. I'm thinking it will be no less than 20k words and close to 50k if I feel the idea is worth it. You never really know until you get into it.

Now for a little segway. Did anyone watch the Blackhawks game last night? Number one team in the NHL right now got handled by the Minnesota Wild. Great game, one of the first, season wide, to be truly fun to watch. Kings and Preds tonight. Hopefully Preds don't play Rinne.

Also, just a little fact about Baal's Puppet. I wrote the entire thing on my iPad. Which wasn't as painful as you might think. I have an apple keyboard and a nice little stand that puts them together like a laptop. At times frustrating, yes, but overall not too bad. I'll touch more on it in a post later on, plan to cover my experiences with the many writing programs and apps available.

That's all for right now. Just a little rambling and some updates.

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