Sunday, March 4, 2012

In Kentucky... Damn it.

So today I arrived back to bum fuck Kentucky. Land of the dip filled gravel parking lots, Wal-Mart hang outers, and no alcohol purchases within 15 miles(dry county.) Where teenage pregnancies are an epidemic and church is a cult.
If you don't notice I'm not happy about being back here, if only for two days. But I'll stop bitching so I can update everyone.
The new house is nearly done, just a bit of shit that will probably end up in the attic after they are gone over. I have finished a rough draft of the prologue for Baal's Puppet. A beautiful weave of dark natured chaos if I do say so myself.
As for Inner Horror being free, it no longer is and is still managing to sell a few copies here and there. In really excited to see if it continues and hoping for a couple reviews from people that don't know me from Adam.
For now I am focused on writing Baal's Puppet and reading C.V. Hunt's Legacy. Peace out everyone and thank you for all of your support.



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