Friday, March 2, 2012

Review of C.V. Hunt's "Endlessly"

This is one of the few books I liked from the very start, which is awesome due to the fact I had nearly no idea what it was about when I started it. The writing style made it easy to read, flowed nicely, and as a personal preference it wasn't written like an old literary with a stick up his or her ass. It read like how I talk and I liked that. The story is about a vampire, a real vampire that kills people and doesn't sparkle..., his memory of his life is a bit foggy, he is kind of a downer, and he likes music. He was my kind of character. He meets a girl and things pick up from there, with her being just as much of a badass as a vampire. It is a supernatural love story with enough action to keep me reading it from cover to cover in a day. The world that Hunt hints to throughout the story seems vast and complex with plenty of room to explore in the sequels. All in all this novel was great and I commend the author for a job well done. Looking forward to picking up the sequel.


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