Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back Up And... Crawling.

Hello to everyone that may still poke onto my blog, and thanks for staying loyal in my prolonged absense. My computer kinda died, and by that I mean got fed up with being dropped and will no longer boot up haha. With it went most of my notes, which were mostly backed up to one extent to another but I did lose what I was working on (ZAMN) and I am pretty pissed about that. But shit happends and It lasted me a steady three years before it got tired of me.

Now, after going a few months without any computer at all in any shape or form, I bought a Ipad with a nice little keyboared, that I am using to write this post with, (Not the easiest to hold in your lap and type with a keyboared but I think I'm getting the hang of it.) I have had some time to start reading recently, (Nightjack, by Tom Piccirilli) and after picking over my own Inner Horror a little bit I see how badly it needs a good proofread. Hopefully I will start posting a little more, even if it is just some stupid shit that I thought was a bit above interesting, I want to get my blog going again. And maybe my twitter, or maybe I should leave it alone since I seem to get followers by keeping my mouth shut haha.

Like always, Talk to me if your a new Indie or just a fan of horror novels, (maybe a fan of MY novel? Do I even have Fans with my book of horrid typos? Haha.)

Peace for now,


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