Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Bought Every-"Thing"

The digital copy, ultraviolet copy, blu-ray, and DVD. All of it bundled up in a pretty $30 bundle. I was really enthusiastic to begin with, tearing it out of the ridiculous amount of packaging, putting it in the player, watching the title pop up in the opening scene. And throughout the whole movie I was kind of waiting for something. Something that would make it that awesome movie I'm glad I actually bought instead of renting. Unfortunately it never really came. I loved the monster creation, the first scene that the "Thing" reveals itself is pretty damn great, that the main weapon in the movie is a flamethrower, awesome, the FIRST ending was something that made me enjoy the movie a bit more. But then the movie started again and ended a minute later in a dumb fashion.
I wanted to like it so I do like it, but really it wasn't worth it. Rent it and enjoy it, if you differ from me and feel it was good enough to get the big bundle I got then more power to you.
As for updates, I have 3 chapters of outlining done and am leaving for Florida early in the morning with a little over 10 hours in car time. Writing will be inevitable and hopefully I have something to share by the time I post again. Peace out everyone,



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