Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Day of Today

Finally slept in for the first time since this moving/vacation mess began. Woke up to a waffle and some oh thanks to my girlfriend, finished reading "Disturb" by Konrath which I will review below, and will begin working on the Baal outline shortly just as long as I find my always misplaced keyboared. First, here's my short review. Starts out nicely, keeps good pace from beggining to end, and is exactly what I expected from a Konrath novel. I liked it, it enertained me all the way through and thats a lot more than I can say about alot of the books I read. Wasn't a big gore fest like some of his novels and didn't have the comic wit that they normally have, but if you read his comments at the end of the book, that is exactly what he was going with for this ebook only novel. I personally would like some N-SOM (The drug the book is based around.) for the vivid dreams and I would hope my readers shared my opinion and would enjoy some as well. If you like Konrath, pick this one up. If you have never read Konrath and would like an easy introduction, pick this one up. If your dreams haunt you like mine, pick this one up. Peace for now, Tafe


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