Sunday, February 5, 2012

What Day Is It?

Still on leg one in my opinion, spent an entire day (7am-5am) painting my girlfriends grandparents living room. How my brother in law and I kept our sanity painting panels and stripping wallpaper glue I do not know. Perhaps the fumes from everything had something to do with it. With that done he went to visit a friend while I stayed with my girl and watched bridesmaids, the dress fitting is by far my favorite scene haha. On the writing side, I finished my characters, ready for a quick outline, then the novel begins. Pretty excited. We leave for Florida on Wednesday and from there I don't know where I will find Internet or time to search for it. If I disappear for 2 weeks then imagine me sitting on the beach in some foreign land with a drink, writing my newest novel, "Baal's Puppet." Probably with my brother in law in my ear begging to go do something fun haha.
Peace for now everyone,



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